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The Pashto Language

Pushto/Pakhtu is one of the national languages of Afghanistan (Dari Persian is the other). Major Pushto/Pakhtu speaking cities in Afghanistan are Kandahar (Qandahar), Kabul. There are over 9 million speakers of Pushto/Pakhtu in Afghanistan. Areas where Pakhtu is spoken is commonly known as Pakhtunistan or Pashtunistan.

Linguistic Affiliation
Its Relations to Other Languages

Pushto/Pakhtu is one of the East Iranian group of languages, which includes, for example, Ossete (North Ossetian, south Ossetian, Caucasus Soviet Socialist Republic) and Yaghnobi (Tajikistan). East Iranian and West Iranian (which includes Persian) are major sub-groups of the Iranian group of the Indo Iranian branch of the Indo European family of languages. Indo-Iranian languages are spoken in a wide area stretching from portions of eastern Turkey and eastern Iraq to western India. The other main division of Indo- Iranian, in addition to Iranian, is the Indo-Aryan languages, a group comprised of many languages of the Indian subcontinent.



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